Ficus Benjamina Starlight

Ficus benjamina starlight


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Caring Tips


He likes his soil gently moist, but never soggy. Water him when the top two inches of soil are dry.


Somewhere bright but away from direct sun is ideal. If he drops leaves, he probably needs more light.


If you encountered ficus benjamina in the wild, mostly in Asia or Australia, you could expect it to be as tall as 30 metres. Don’t panic that you’re going to need to smash a hole in your roof. Our indoor version is much more compact.
With its abundance of dark green glossy leaves it makes a very stylish houseplant. It’s pretty simple to take care of too. It will tolerate lower light, but prefers bright, indirect light, and just asks that it not be allowed to dry out. You can also encourage it to grow more strongly by giving it a feed with plant fertiliser once a month in spring and summer.
In the wild it will bear small orange-red edible fruit, but don’t expect yours to fruit indoors. Enjoy it for its leafy handsomeness.
If it sheds some leaves shortly after delivery, don't worry. It's just its way of adjusting to new light and temperature levels. A bit of leaf drop throughout the year is normal, especially in winter. It has so many leaves that it can spare losing a few.