Variegated barke fern

Pteris ensiformis evergemiensis


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Caring Tips


Regular, even moisture


Pteris ensiformis 'Evergemiensis' requires bright, filtered light, (but take care to avoid harsh, direct light, which will damage this fern's fronds) and high humidity to flourish. This fern can grow happily in a sunny bathroom, or another area of your home that receives bright, indirect light.


Pteris Evergemiensis is a indoor Fern plant with beautiful, variegated foliage that is coloured with a creamy-white inner section, before forming into a dark green on the outer margin of each leaf. You can place this plant in any location that will provide the Fern with bright, indirect light on a consistent basis, or, within an area with high humidity such as a bathroom. The Silver Lace Fern, as its more commonly known, is a durable plant to house, making the care procedure simple and easy to understand for all levels of plant lovers. The plant appreciates a moderate level of moisture throughout, so watering the plant once every two weeks and misting in between times will suffice.