Tradescantia nanouk


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Caring Tips


Light watering. She’s not a big drinker. If the top two inches of her soil feel dry it’s time for a drink. She’ll forgive irregular watering.


Bright light. She’ll be ok in medium light, but she’ll be really happy in quite a sunny spot. She’s not one for shade.


If you want to introduce a pop of contrast colour to your indoor jungle, the tradescantia is a winner. Those long elegant leaves are finely striped green and cream on the top, with an intense purple underside. This variety has long stems that look fantastic tumbling from shelves or hanging pots.
A native of Belize, Guatemala and Mexico, it’s become a popular houseplant all over the world because it’s very easy to care for (bright light; regular watering; done). In spring and summer, give it a feed with liquid fertiliser to help it grow big(ish) and strong. If you ever want to trim those long stems, just snip them back with shears or clean scissors.
It will sometimes flower, but oddly they’re far less interesting than the leaves. They’re tiny little white blooms in the centre of the plant. The flowers are how this plant gets its popular name, Moses-in-the-cradle. The blossoms look like babies being cradled in the boat-like leaves.