Silver ribbon fern

Pteris cretica albo lineata


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Caring Tips


Regular, even moisture


The Striped Cretan Brake Fern (Pteris cretica albolineata) grows well indoors in bright, indirect light to full shade. Avoid direct sun. Keep the potting mix evenly moist and provide humidity (see below for ways to increase humidity around your plant). Old fronds may be cut back at the base.


Pteris cretica is a beautiful evergreen fern that comes with sharp, uniquely shaped fronds and a range of striking colours.
Though “Cretica” comes from the Greek work for feather, the leaves remind me more of a trident. With each frond consisting of a forked set of leaves, with a larger central leaf and a coloured core running through each (Poseidon would be proud).
The ‘Albolineata’ variety is the most common variety, otherwise known as the “Silver Ribbon Fern” for its characteristic creamy white colouring. Native to several continents, the Cretan Brake Fern is a hardy species, and makes an easy addition to any terrarium environment.