Silver Lady Fern

Blechnum gibbum


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Caring Tips


Just like most other ferns, Silver Lady grows best in moist soils. Water it frequently during the warmer months to keep the potting mixture moist, which will ensure proper growth. Make sure not to overwater because it will cause root rot. Avoid watering from overhead as the foliage can get damaged if it stays wet for an extended time. Water the plant once a week in winter. Water more frequently during summer. Another important thing to know is Blechnum is intolerant of lime, so do not use hard water on the plant.


Blechnum prefers bright light with partial shade and a slightly warmer temperature. However, it cannot survive in strong direct sun.


This fern is known by several different names in English, including Silver Lady Fern and Dwarf Tree Fern. This small tree farn is a popular houseplant and garden plant known to develop broad fronds. Many tree ferns have a well-deserved reputation for slow growth, but the Blechnum gibbum grows comparatively fast in good conditions and the fronds doesn´t need that much time to spread to over one metre.