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Scindapsus Pictus Silvery Ann


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Caring Tips


Water thoroughly when the top half of the soil is dry to the touch. Scindapsus can tolerate underwatering, but are much less tolerant of overwatering, so make sure not to water it too much or it will wilt easily. Always remove excess water from the saucer to avoid the plant sitting in water. If the leaves of your Scindapsus start curling on both sides, you have underwatered your plant.


Scindapsus thrive best in medium to bright indirect light, but will tolerate much lower light conditions. However, be aware that loo little light might cause the leaves to lose their beautiful variegation. Do not expose your Scindapsus to direct light, which might scorch its leaves.


Scindapsus Pictus Silvery Ann, also known as Satin Pothos, is part of the Aracae family and falls under Scindapsus genus together with other two varieties: Exotica and Argyraeu. Despite many common names it is not a Pothos nor a Philodendron however it is also a very hardy plant. One of the most sought after characteristics of Scindapsus Pictus Silvery Ann is it’s foliage- matte green with silver splashes. Although the leaves look similar on all three varieties of Scindapsus, they do have a differentiating factor- Silvery Ann‘s leaves have many more of silver markings and sometimes entirely silver leaves.