Sansevieria Star Canary

Canary bow hemp


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Caring Tips


She doesn't need much water. Give her a drink when her soil feels dry, about every few weeks. Less in winter.


She’ll thrive in almost all light conditions (though not a windowless room). More is better, but anything is fine.


A charming succulent with a very interesting coloration, the color of the 'Star Canary' is truly unique. The distinctive, juicy yellow color illuminates the youngest leaves and beautiful contrasts with the dark green of the older ones.
As it ripens, the golden color of the leaves disappears and turns into a deep olive-green shade, which is a contrasting background for fresh, growing leaves of a sunny, golden color. The 'Star Canary' variety belongs to miniatures and usually does not reach large sizes, it grows very slowly.
Sansevierias are not afraid of dry air, water shortage and a small amount of daylight. The undoubted advantage is also slow growth, which is associated with the lack of need for frequent replanting. Sansevierias are long-lived plants, ideal for amateurs, they have air-purifying effect of toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, toluene and xylene - ideal house plants that not only filter the air, neutralizing toxic compounds, but also produce large amounts of oxygen.