Philodendron Florida Ghost

Philodendron pedatum


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Caring Tips


You’ll need to water your Philodendron Florida ghost about once a week, give or take. Its needs are right in the middle. Dry soil for too long will kill the plant. But so will too much water. It’s common for an over-watered Philodendron to develop root rot (also known as wet feet). The first two layers or first two inches of the soil should be dry before you water it. The easiest way to test this is to stick your finger into the soil until your knuckle hits the soil. If the soil is wet, wait a day or so to check it again. If it’s dry, you can go ahead and water the plant.


Bright indirect sunlight is the best choice for a Philodendron Florida ghost plant. Direct sunlight causes several problems for the plant. This includes causing it to wither up or even scorch the funky leaves. A Philodendron Florida ghost needs an equal amount of day and night. This means if you’re using artificial lights, you need to make sure it’s getting 12 hours of light. And 12 hours of darkness.


The Philodendron Florida ghost (Philodendron pedatum) comes from the plant family Araceae. The unique plant is an evergreen hybrid and it’s a vine climber. The stems are a lot longer than other Philodendron plants. The leaves stand out because not all are shaped the same. And every leaf on the plant contains several lobes.
The colors of the leaves are even more interesting than the shapes. They start as white, hence the name “Florida ghost”.
As they get a bit older, they turn a pretty yellow-green. When the Philodendron Florida hits full maturity, the leaves become a darker green.
It’s not the South American plant’s appearance that makes it so cool. The Philodendron Florida ghost purifies the oxygen that surrounds it.
You’ll breathe nothing but clean air whether you’re tending to the plant or only admiring it. If you love tropical plants, the Philodendron Florida ghost is the perfect plant for you. It’s fun and easy to care for.