Philodendron Burle Marx

Philodendron burle marx


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Caring Tips


Watering a Philodendron Burle Marx plant is much like watering most Philodendron plants. You want to keep the soil moist. You don’t want to drench the soil in water and you don’t want it to dry out. Over-watering your Philodendron is as dangerous as under-watering it. When you over-water, your plant is susceptible to different diseases. This includes the horrible root rot we discussed earlier. But root rot isn’t the only horrible condition your plant can go through. The other conditions are only a little better when it comes to plant damage. The only exception is during winter. When the cold months hit, you can let all the soil dry out before you water the Philodendron.


A Philodendron Burle Marx needs bright but indirect light to thrive. It can live in low light but it’s not going to thrive the way you want it to. If your plant receives direct sunlight, the light will burn your plant’s leaves. The light can burn right through them. Direct sunlight can also cause black scorch marks on the leaves. At the very least, the sun will discolor the leaves and cause them to yellow. For indirect light, you should set your Philodendron in either a north or east-facing window. This way your plant is still getting bright enough light. But it’s not sitting right under sunlight.


This Philodendron, from the Araceae family, is a low growing shrub. The leaves are heart-shaped but narrow. The Philodendron Burle Marx’s care is like most other Philodendrons. They need well-draining soil and bright indirect light. And their soil should always be moist but never drenched.
Like most Philodendron plants, the leaves are also glossy and full of texture. But the stems are a fun red color. They’ve been popular at least as early as the Victorian era, according to the University of Vermont. This is because these plants are so easy to both grow and propagate.
They’re also loved due to their ability to remove toxins from the air around them. The Philodendron Burle Marx plant isn’t an exception. People love this Philodendron for its’ easy nature and small demeanor.
The Philodendron Burle Marx plant is named after Roberto Burle Marx. Burle Marx was the first architect to use native plants in modern landscape designs.