Monstera variegata

Monstera variegata


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Caring Tips


Check her soil about once a week and give her a drink if the top two inches of soil feel dry. She needs less in winter.


She likes a lot of light to keep her leaves perky. Not too much direct sun, but somewhere nice and bright.


A species of flowering plant native to southern Mexico and Panama, Monstera deliciosa is a hardy and easy to care for plant known by many names, but most commonly the “Swiss cheese plant” due to the unique development of ridges and holes on its more mature leaves. The “deliciosa” part of the plant’s name comes from the pineapple-like fruit it bears in its natural habitat!
The Variegated Monstera requires similar care to that of the solid green Monstera deliciosa. The main difference is the white portion of the variegated Monstera leaves cannot absorb light, so the plant needs to work twice as hard to photosynthesize. Therefore, low light conditions are not ideal and you should keep your variegated Monstera in bright ambient light to make it happy.
She absorbs a lot of water through her leaves, so a good misting every couple of days will help keep her looking fresh and bright.