Money Plant

Epipremnum aureum


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Caring Tips


Super simple to water. Check her weekly and just give her a drink if the top two inches of soil are dry.


Not one to make a fuss, she’ll be fine in almost any light. You’ll see her grow quicker in a brighter spot.


Devil’s ivy, golden pothos, ceylon creeper, hunter’s robe, or as we call it, Rapunzel. It has so many names because it's one of the most popular houseplants in the world. There are two reasons for that.
1.It's extremely versatile. It's a fantastic hanging plant, looks great on a shelf or mantelpiece, or can even be trained up a wall.
2. It's incredibly easy to care for. 
In the wild, devil's ivy is usually found in forests in south-east Asia. It grows up the trunks of large trees, happily living in quite deep shade. That's how it gets its name, devil's ivy, because it's a friend of the darkness.
This is an ideal beginner’s plant that gives impressive results with very little work from you.