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Philodendron painted lady


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Caring Tips


The Philodendron Painted Lady prefers to stay on the drier side. Allow the plant to dry well between watering sessions. This plant needs frequent watering, but Philodendron growers highly discourage keeping this plant wet or standing in water.


This plant will require a 70-85% sun. It will thrive well in either bright, indirect sunlight or even low light conditions like fluorescent lights. Keep it in a well-lit room with adequate sunlight. Place the Painted Lady plant near the window where the direct sunlight cannot hit the foliage. This plant can happily survive in medium light and partial shade. Protect the Philodendron Painted Lady from prolonged sun exposure; else, the foliage will start browning. Too much sunlight causes yellowing of foliage, whereas too little lighting will make the stems leggy.


Painted Lady is a variegated climbing Philodendron. It’s a favorite for Philodendron collectors. According to the University of Florida, this Philodendron species is a hybrid of two-parent Philodendrons, P. Erubescens Burgundy plant, and P. Erubescens Emerald Queen plant.
Philodendron Painted Lady will prefer dry soil conditions, so choose a well-draining potting soil and always allow your plant to dry out between watering. This tender plant loves warm environments.