Dracaena Lemon Lime

Dracaena Lemon Lime


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Caring Tips


He’s low maintenance on water. Stick a finger in his soil every week or so and if it comes out dry, time for a drink.


He's happy in anything from light shade to bright, soft light. Keep him out of harsh direct sun.


The corn plant is a very common outdoor plant across Africa. It grows so widely that in many parts of the continent it’s used for hedging. It grows slowly, but easily, and can eventually reach a height of 15 metres. A healthy wild plant will grow fragrant flowers, followed by small yellow fruit. 
While the corn plant might grow huge in the wild, as an indoor plant it’s more about character than size. Its palm-like looks bring a bit of tropical flavour on even grey days. To keep yours in a good mood, remember: generous with the misting, sparing with the watering. And give it plenty of light. It will survive in light shade, but new growth will be weak. It will also love you if you give it a feed with liquid fertiliser once a month in spring and summer. It will help it grow big and strong.