Costus Arabicus Variegata

Variegated spiral ginger


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Caring Tips


They require copious and regular amount of water. Never let the soil dry out between waterings, even during winter season. Do not over water, the rhizome could rot.


They like morning sun exposure, so an eastern window is perfect. Plant that receive more light should get correspondingly more water.


Costus is a tropical fleshy-leafed perennial plant, the leaves spiralling up the stem. In Summer it bears cone-shaped inflorescences with small flowers around. The plants can grow quite large, depending on the variety. In areas that do not have a tropical climate they will need to be grown indoors. 'Variegated Spiral Ginger' has green and white variegated foliage, and white flowers which last a day or two, emerging one at a time over several weeks. This plant was formerly known as Costus amazonicus.