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Caring Tips


Change the vase water once in 10 days.


Clusia rosea like lots of bright light and thrive outdoors in full sun in tropical climates. Grown indoors as houseplants, they will cope with medium light levels and some degree of shade.


Clusia rosea is an ornamental leafy houseplant that is remarkably sturdy and easy to care for. Its stiff, leathery leaves are a dark olive green in colour and are said to be so tough, you could carve your name into them – hence the popular name 'Autograph Tree'. The paddle-like leaves are also noted for their air filtering properties.

It is possible for Clusia rosea to produce lovely funnel shaped flowers that are relatively long lasting in delicate shades of creamy white with soft pink accents, however this only tends to happen in particularly warm and humid conditions.

Clusia rosea is also known as Pitch Apple, Copey, Scotch Attorney and Balsam Apple. It has a wide, spreading nature and is fast growing.