Alocasia Zebrina

Alocasia zebrina


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Caring Tips


She likes her soil to stay lightly moist. Water her when her top two inches of soil are dry.


Her big leaves like a lot of light, but not direct sun. Away from a window in a bright room is ideal.


It’s pretty plain to see how the elephant ear plant got its name. Its great big leaves are the exact shape of, if not quite the size of, elephant’s ears. Just as striking are its zebra-striped stems. The combination makes for an eye-catching, sculptural houseplant. 
It’s found in the wild in Brazil, where it grows at the base of much larger trees. The large leaves help it make the most of all the available sunlight and also mean it can capture as much rain as possible. To keep it happy indoors, try to echo those conditions, with lots of indirect light and sufficient moisture. It will also love you if you give it a feed with liquid fertilizer once per month in spring and summer.