Alocasia Dragon Scale

Alocasia baginda


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Caring Tips


The beautiful Alocasia Baginda plant has the watering needs of a typical houseplant. Since it is a tropical species, it enjoys being watered. However, frequent or inadequate watering can lead to several problems, such as yellow leaves and wilting. Please allow the Alocasia Baginda plant’s soil to slightly dry up before you water it. We suggest you not to let it completely dry up nor be excessively wet. You can always check the Baginda plant’s top 1 to 2 inches before you water it. A good way to assess when to water the Alocasia Baginda plant is by using a moisture meter. This will prevent you from overwatering and under-watering the plant, leading to water-clogging or droopiness, respectively.


The Alocasia Baginda plant thrives in bright dappled sunlight. However, the two extremes of complete shade and direct sun rays must be avoided for the best growth. Direct sunlight can cause leaf-scorching, while scarce sunlight can limit new growth.


The Alocasia Baginda, also known as the ‘Alocasia Baginda Dragon Scale,’ is an exotic plant. With its central dark green veins and metallic silver-green leaves, it is a sight to behold. It earns the ‘Dragon Scale’ name from its resemblance to a dragon’s scales.  It is beautiful and easy to care for, which makes it a popular choice among houseplant lovers.
The Alocasia Baginda plant has an average plant’s needs but remember it’s a sensitive plant. It requires frequent watering; however, overwatering is discouraged. It grows well in bright dappled sunlight. And needs moderate humidity of 60 to 80% to survive. It likes to be fed with a balanced fertilizer throughout the growing seasons(spring and summer).
The Dragon Scale plant arises from the Araceae family. It is a tropical species and naturally grows in the rain forests of Southern Asia.  The genus, Alocasia, has over 70 species, which all grow in the wild; however, they can also be easily nurtured as houseplants. Almost all species from this plant genus are well-known for their stunning foliage.
The ravishing Alocasia Baginda is famous for its unique emerald green velvety leaves. It is an evergreen perennial and stays a beautiful shade of green throughout its life cycle if given the right care. The Alocasia Baginda plant is either rhizomatous or tuberous and overall has easy care and cultivating needs.