Alocasia Antoro

Alocasia antoro


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Caring Tips


Watering mistakes are common with Alocasia plants. Overwatering is the biggest threat to these plants, but excessive underwatering can also cause problems. Water moderately whenever the top 2 inches of the soil becomes dry. Don’t aim to soak the soil in water, because the Alocasia doesn’t enjoy its roots sitting in soggy soil. The other extreme, making the Alocasia plant go without water for too long will put the plant under stress, so don’t allow the soil to completely dry out.


This plant prefers bright indirect light. Keep in mind that this plant can burn easily in direct sunlight because Alocasia cannot hold direct light at all.


Alocasia 'Antoro Velvet' is the only known Alocasia with hairy foliage! The leaves of this Aroid are thick and soft, emerge green, but mature to almost black. For both plant lovers and Aroid enthusiasts alike, this is a very unique variety that's to die for!