Vinca - Pale Pink



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Caring Tips


Watering too frequently is a common mistake with vinca. Water when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch


Vinca loves full sun. It will tolerate part shade but may become leggy if there is too much shade.


Vinca is a tropical perennial that is grown as an annual in most regions. It has flowers and foliage that resemble impatiens, but rather than being a shade lover, vinca is a perfect choice for sunny locations. Also known as Madagascar periwinkle, these aren't the newest or flashiest annual flowers on the gardening scene, but recent cultivar developments warrant a closer examination of this common bedding plant. The foliage is dark green and leathery. Depending on the variety, fast-growing vinca is 6 to 18 inches tall with a similar spread. Vinca plants bear single blooms with five petals that frequently touch or overlap from early summer until the first frost. Many varieties feature a contrasting eye. If you haven’t included vincas in your garden for a while, you should check out the expanded color palette that now includes blooms in every shade of the pink, rose, and lilac spectrum. No matter your preference, all are attractive to butterflies.