Vriesea Era

Vriesea era


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Caring Tips


The Flaming Sword has a cup, tank, vase or urn (whatever you prefer to call it!) in the center of the plant which catches & stores water. It also gets moisture through the foliage. The roots are primarily a method to anchor these epiphytes onto other plants. You want to keep the cup about 1/4 of the way full of water. Just know that bromeliads don’t tolerate overwatering & will rot out if you keep them constantly wet. Keep even less water in the tank if you have low light &/or cool temps. You don’t want the plant to rot out. I let the cup go dry for 2-7 days before I refill with a little water. Completely flush out the water in the cup every 1-2 months to prevent bacteria from building up. Your Vriesea would appreciate a misting or spraying of its foliage once or twice a week. I also water the growing medium about every month or 2, depending on the season & the temps. If your water is hard, then use purified or distilled water – bromeliads are sensitive to the salts.


The majority of bromeliads, this 1 included, do best in bright, natural light. This would be an east or west exposure. I’ve found that this Vriesea can do just fine in a little lower light than the others. Not low light but medium low. Just be sure to keep it out of any direct, hot sun as it’ll burn.


Leathery strap-shaped leaves that are irregularly striped with maroon-green form a funnel-shaped rosette, from which a luminous orange-red, spear-like raceme is jettisoned. The appearance of the flower usually signals the end of the individual rosette, however if you keep it in good conditions, you should soon find new shoots starting to appear from the base to take its place.