Syngonium Pink Splash

Syngonium pink splash


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Caring Tips


To keep a Pink Splash happy, the soil should be allowed to completely dry out between watering. When the soil is dry to about an inch deep, it’s time to water again. A good way to test if a Pink Syngonium needs water is to stick a finger one knuckle deep into the soil; if it comes out dry, get the watering can. Let the water flow until it comes out the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot, to ensure that water has reached the bottom roots, but don’t let the pot sit in water, as this can lead to overwatering and root rot.


It’s a popular idea that all Syngoniums can tolerate lower light, however, the Pink Splash variety actually thrives best in medium-to-bright indirect light. While it is true that most unvariegated Syngoniums can tolerate very low-light conditions, too little light for the Pink Splash can cause reverting, in which the leaves lose their variegation and become solid green instead of its trademark vibrant pink splotches. The more light a Pink Splash receives, the more vibrant the colors on the leaves will become; rooms with plenty of windows or natural indirect light are ideal for these spotted plants.


The Pink Splash Plant is a charming houseplant, easily identifiable by its arrow-shaped leaves, with a pointed front end and a broader, lobed stem end. Part of the Arcae family – more commonly known as Arrowheads, this fast-growing species is native to Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, Ecuador, and the West Indies, with deep green leaves and a paint-like pink “splash,” hence the name. These spots are known as variegation, meaning some of the plant cells have less chlorophyll and therefore the whole leaf is not solid green, but rather exhibits a pattern or variation in color. The Arrowhead family has a wide range of variegation types, and in fact there are over two dozen varieties of Syngonium variegation. 
While the coloration of a Pink Splash is distinctive and unique among Syngoniums, it still maintains its  ability to purify air, a quality the Arrowhead family is known for. In fact, a 2013 study found that Syngoniums can pull both benzene and formaldehyde from the air, two of the most common volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in households. With these helpful qualities, not only is the Pink Splash a visibly appealing plant, it is also incredibly functional and a great addition to any plant collection.