Syngonium Panda

Syngonium panda


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Caring Tips


Wait until at least the top 3-5cm of soil are thoroughly dry before watering your Syngonium again. Then, water thoroughly and empty excess water in the saucer, because sitting in water can cause the plant’s roots to rot. In the cooler months, you will not need to water your plant as often as during the growing season.


Syngonium thrive in bright indirect light, but will tolerate low light environments. However, please note that generally, the more variegation (i.e. coloration on the leaves) your plant has, the more light it will require to survive. Avoid exposing your Syngonium to direct sunlight, which might scorch the leaves.


Syngonium Panda is a beautifully coloured cultivar with medium green leaves that feature splodges and spots of bright, minty green. This variegation is random, making every leaf is very unique. Treat yourself to this wonderful easygoing species, which is a must-have for every Aroid collector!
Syngonium Panda is a fast and bushy grower and, like most Syngonium, it is rather easygoing and does not require a lot of care. Syngonium Panda can grow much larger foliage than other Syngonium if it has climbing support. In nature, its leaves can reach up to 70cm in length.