Philodendron Cobra

Monstera standleyana


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Caring Tips


Despite being a tropical light, the watering needs of this plant are light. That means it’s prone to root rotting and other fungal issues if overwatered. The way to water this plant is to allow the soil to nearly completely dry out between watering sessions.


The Monstera Standleyana is fond of partial shade. Growing in rainforests it only ever receives dappled, diffused light, so direct light exposure should be avoidable to prevent any damage or discoloration to the leaves. Placing it in a dark room won’t do it either, the plant needs a bit of indirect light for healthy development and growth. Aim for moderate light exposure, where the plant can receive indirect light or light that’s not directly shining down on the plant.


With a dramatic look and often variegated leaves that grow upward, the Philodendron Cobra or Monstera Standleyana originates from Central America to north-western Colombia. It’s a popular indoor plant precisely because of its relatively small leaves that feature creamy-yellow variegations. 
It’s definitely an architectural plant that will often feature as a design element in a variety of living spaces or offices. As for its care requirements, the Monstera standleyana doesn’t present a challenge to those familiar with tropical plant care. Those new to these plants will find my plant care recommendations on this plant useful.