Monstera Peru

Epipremnum marble planet


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Caring Tips


Water regularly during the growing season, always allowing the top few centimetres to dry out in between. In winter reduce water.


Monstera Peru grows fast and healthy in bright but indirect light. A recommended space to put your monstera is next to a north-facing window, in a filterer window that is not facing north, or if you don't want to filter the light, place it a few feet inside so the sun in the afternoon doesn't hit its leaves.


The Epipremnum Marble Planet is also known as Monstera Karstenianum or Monstera Peru. Officially though, it is part of the Epipremnum family so we will describe it as a beautiful variety of Devil’s Ivy. This easy care plant has deep veined glossy leaves which make a great hanging or trailing plant.
Monstera Peru is a very rare fast-growing plant with thick and unusually stiff leaves that is often mistaken for Monstera Pinnatipartita when young because the leaves look alike. The leaves of the Monstera Sp. Peru are somewhat wider, and look rounder, and differ from the leaves of Monstera Pinnatipartita that are more elongated.