Lilium aziatic


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Caring Tips


If the top 2-4” (5-10cm) of soil is dry, or plants are wilted, it is time to water. Apply water at the soil level if possible to avoid wetting the foliage. Water the entire soil area until water runs out the base of the pot. This indicates that the soil is thoroughly wet.


Asiatic lilies need at least six hours of sunlight daily to bloom properly, so keep that in mind when you choose a spot for your container. Often, indoor plants will need even more than that. If your lily looks thins and flops over, it may need more sunlight.


Asiatic lilies are hybrids originating from six Lilium species native to Asia and generally have unscented blooms. They offer an abundance of blooms, neatly clustered along the tip of, or atop the stems. A wide range of flower hues and plant heights makes them perfect for tucking into multiple places for random bursts of color.