Jewel Orchid

Macodes petola


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Caring Tips


Macodes petola needs to be watered regularly as it prefers the soil to be slightly moist. This is the most critical aspect of Macodes petola care. It’s a thirsty plant, but it doesn’t appreciate waterlogging. Try not to get the foliage wet when watering.


Bright, indirect light is perfect for Macodes petola care. But a little bright filtered light brings out the colors in the leaves much better in my experience. Also, very low light makes the rhizomes leggy. Direct sunlight is a clear no-no. Leaves will fade and scorch in direct sunlight.


The Macodes petola is an unforgettable jewel orchid with amazing leaves that seem to literally light up a collection. Though it’s not the easiest houseplant to satisfy, with correct care it can thrive and keep people talking.
Macodes petola is a jewel orchid that grows in soil beneath the forest canopy rather than as an epiphyte. Grown for its phenomenal foliage instead of flowers, the plant requires different treatment than other members of its famous family. Their rounded, broad leaves have a velvety texture and feature thin, webbed “lightning bolts” of lighter color on a dark green background. The remarkable netted pattern sparkles in sunlight and produces an electric effect.