Dischidia ovata


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Caring Tips


While the Dischidia ovata can withstand short periods of drought, it is not a good idea to let them stay dry for long periods of time every time you water. Basically, a skipped watering every now and then won't kill your plant. The best time to water them is when the top of the potting mix dries out.


Lighting. The Dischidia ovata will do best in a spot that receives bright indirect light, like behind a sheer curtain that is over a southern exposure window. They can still grow and flourish if placed in front of a window that faces in any other direction.


Dischidia ovata, commonly known as the Watermelon Plant, is an epiphytic climbing or hanging plant known for its fleshy leaves that have a pattern resembling watermelon skins (hence the common name). The Watermelon Plant comes from the tropical rain forests of New Guinea and Queensland.