Dieffenbachia Green Magic

Dieffenbachia Green Magic


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Caring Tips


Water her regularly, but allow the top two-three inches of soil to dry out before giving her a shower. To check if she's thirsty, just stick your finger in the top of her compost; if it comes out dry, then it's time to give her a drink. The goal is to keep your Dumb Cane slightly moist but not soggy wet. Also, don't allow it to dry out completely.


Dieffenbachia is happiest in medium light, as too much bright light will scorch her leaves. Try putting her near an east- or west-facing window.


We could stare at the leaves of the Dieffenbachia ‘Green Magic’ all day, no joke. The lush deep green contrasted with the cream white stripe along the center is breathtaking. Nicknamed Dumbcane for the numbness and loss of speech that occurs when ingested, this houseplant is not only gorgeous but functional as well. It may be toxic when ingested, however it is also an air purifier, able to remove toxins from the surrounding environment. Little yin, little yang. 
This evergreen aroid is an average grower and is able to reach about 2 m in height. Repotting can be done every two years or so or when the roots start to peek out through the drainage holes of the nursery pot. Rotating the pot every once in a while will help ensure an even maturing of the plant as Dieffenbachia likes to lean towards the light. 
Like Monsteras, Philodendrons, and Anthuriums, Dieffenbachias are also aroids and prefer high humidity and bright indirect light. They enjoy a well drained soil that is approaching drying out before its next watering. That means the top layer of soil (about two knuckles deep) will be completely dry when it’s time for the next drink. This is a very easy plant to care for but a beautiful addition for any plant lover.