Alocasia Sinuata

Alocasia sinuata


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Caring Tips


Watering mistakes are common with Alocasia plants. Overwatering is the biggest threat to these plants, but excessive underwatering can also cause problems. Water moderately whenever the top 2 inches of the soil becomes dry. Don’t aim to soak the soil in water, because the Alocasia Sinuata doesn’t enjoy its roots sitting in soggy soil. The other extreme, making the Alocasia plant go without water for too long will put the plant under stress, so don’t allow the soil to completely dry out.


Alocasia sinuata loves bright shades. This means that your plant will grow the best if kept in indirect exposure to sunlight. The decreased tolerance towards light is because their natural habitats include full shades. When kept indoors, Alocasia can grow fine under bright lights (artificial) and can be kept facing a sunny window, avoiding direct exposure.


Alocasia sinuata, commonly known as the Mirror face or Jewel Alocasia, is a rare plant that can add up to your indoor space if cared for properly. This species of Alocasia is native to the Philippines and is considered one of the critically endangered species.
Alocasia sinuata exhibits lush foliage with broad, shiny, dark green leaves. The plant has a rapid growth rate if grown under optimal conditions. It was originally named after the sinuate (wavy) leaf margins, however, this feature is not fully expressed, most of the time.