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Alocasia cuprea


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Caring Tips


Watering your Alocasia cuprea is simple. It’s the same as the average houseplant. It requires an average amount of water. This means the plant’s soil should be moist. But you shouldn’t soak it with water. Over-watering is very dangerous for your plant. One of the biggest causes for concern from over-watering is root rot.


The Alocasia cuprea plant needs indirect light to grow and remain healthy. The stunning leaves on this plant are prone to yellow from sitting in direct light for a long time. The leaves can and will die. The best way for your Alocasia cuprea to get light is to place it in either an east or north-facing window. This makes sure it gets enough light to thrive but isn’t receiving too much light.


The Alocasia cuprea originates from hot humid areas, from Asia to South America. It has several nicknames, the most common being the “Mirror Plant” and “Jewel Alocasia”.
The leaves on this plant are intriguing. They can be green or red. They’re stiff and they have a plastic appearance. It’s these arrow-shaped leaves that make this Alocasia plant stand out. The leaves create a focal point for any collection of houseplants.
This plant makes a great tropic plant to mix in with any group of tropical plants. It also makes the perfect gift for that plant-loving friend.