Alocasia Brancifolia Pink Passion

Alocasia brancifolia pink passion


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Caring Tips


Alocasias can be one of the trickiest houseplants to get watering just right. They have thick, water storing stems and petioles, which gives them some succulent properties, but they do not tolerate drought at all. They are also quite susceptible to overwatering, so the trick is to keep the soil lightly moist, without ever letting it get soggy or dry out excessively.


Alocasia does best in bright, indirect light. It can be quite sensitive to light intensity and can suffer when it either gets too much or too little light. Aim to place your Alocasia somewhere in your home where the light is bright enough to cast a shadow but is out of direct sunlight.


Alocasia Brancifolia Pink Passion is a brand new hybrid and an exceptionally decorative one! This plant is very special as it is the first time it has been introduced to the market and you wont find it anywhere in the wild! Probably the most outstanding feature are the Philodendron-like leaves, it looks almost as it was crossed with Philodendron Xanadu. Also, it has a pink striped trunk, similar to the one on Alocasia Zebrina.
Alocasia Brancifolia Pink Passion is a true collectors plant. You'd be very lucky to own one, there's only a few being released to the market.