INDOOR PLANTS GUIDE -10 Tips of Buying Indoor Plants in Dubai

INDOOR PLANTS GUIDE -10 Tips of Buying Indoor Plants in Dubai

1. Always buy from a reputable source. A cheap purchase may prove expensive if the plant dies a few weeks later.

2. Never buy a indoor plant that is displayed outside a shop in direct sunlight. Such plants exposed to extreme heat in gulf region in summer . The damages will appear after few days. Indoor plants suffer most from excessive cold or heat.






3. Avoid buying plants that show signs of pests and diseases. They are never a success and may infect houseplants already in your home. Check above and under leaves, as well as on flowers and stems.

4. Never buy a plant with masses of roots growing out of drainage holes in the pot’s base. This indicates that the plant has been neglected and needs repotting. Additionally, growth may have been retarded.

5. When buying flowering plants, ensure there are plenty of flower buds waiting to open. Avoid plants that are in full flower—their display will be short-lived.

6. Do not buy plants that are wilting; this indicates neglect from which the plant may not recover.

7. Check that the compost is evenly moist. Plants can wilt through excessive watering as well as from being kept dry.

8. Avoid buying plants with green mold on the compost’s surface; it indicates neglect and excessive watering.

9. Only buy clearly labelled plants, as this indicates a reputable source.

10. Do not buy large plants that are growing in very small pots, or small plants growing in very large pots. Apart from an imbalance of size and a lack of stability, large plants in small pots need frequent watering, while it is difficult to keep the moisture content of the compost of small plants in large pots even and not too wet.


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